At casinos, every ordinary person can earn cash as per their expertise. Even in high roller casinos, it is true that you can earn enormous profits. Vegas High Roller Casino Stories are casinos for people who have their betting budget from 100K to 1 Million dollars and it is also called a casino for whales. These casinos rollers have a history of gaining 10 times the profit from the amount which they deposited. Even though we have many Vegas High Roller Casino Stories, today we will look into some of the best Vegas high roller stories.


List of the top 4 high rollers stories 

Even though there are many high rollers we will look into the top 4 best high rollers who have won more cash s than what was given. 

Akio Kahiwagi

Akio Kahiwagi is a real estate tycoon from japan, who is popularly known as the warrior and he is one of the biggest casino sharks of all time. In the year 1990 Akio Kashiwagi once went to play in one of Donald Trump’s casinos and won more than 5 million rupees from trumps casino in just two nights. But after that trump made a deal with him to double the amount if he wins. But he lost and went back to japan while owning trump 10 Million dollars.


And it was found that he has a debt of nearly 15 million to several other casino owners. Due to which later he was killed in his house with a samurai sword. Akio Kahiwagi was stabbed more than 140 times with that sword until he died and the killer was never found.

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey is the most excellent poker player on earth and he is the most skilled player than everyone. He is famous for betting 100K each game. In 2012 Phil Ivey won nearly 11 million dollars from Crockfords Casino London. But the casino refused to pay Phil Ivery stating that he was using a technique to win called edge sorting to predict the poker cards for the next round. He sued the casino for refusing to pay him his winnings and the case was not yet decided by the jury that whether he cheated or not. 

Terrance Watanabe

Terrance Watanabe is a rich man even without casinos. He got all his wealth from his father’s company. He never gave importance to cash but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t love gambling. But he is not a very good player, to be frank, he is not even an average gambler. He lost nearly 200 million dollars of his wealth in casinos in just 5 years of gambling. Sometimes like an idiot, he lost 5 million dollars each day. And he lost all his wealth due to his drunken gambling behavior and he was barred from entering most of the casinos. 

Don Johnson

He is like a real-life gambling superman, he is known for his great win in three casinos in few days he won more than 15 million dollars. All the money won by him are legally accepted by the casinos and was given to him. 


The normal rules of gambling are only for normal people, for whales like Don Johnson and others they can negotiate and make changes to the rules. Even the casinos are happy to adjust their rules for whales. They even give special offers to whales like if a High roller loses 10 million dollars he will be given 1 Million back. And this offer starts for whales who bet a minimum of 1 million dollars.


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